Traditions of Art & Modern Sports Science, Discipline & Courtesy, and Excitement & Friendships. We have it all. 

There are too many schools, styles, and instructors out there. We all know It is very tricky to find a quality school. I understand many choose the one right around the corner or the one that gives more freebies with twinkling colors. I bet most are just happy with sweating out and getting fancy promotions with a big plaque. I don't think It is not about fancy uniforms or high ranks. Also, I don't agree It is about talents or strong desires. It is about challenging and dedicating. In other words, it is about changes in mind and body. We are not just here to help you becoming blackbelts. We are here to march along the path towards higher grounds so we all can see things little further, decide little better, and dream rigid. It is very important to find a proper program. We guarantee you that we provide extraordinary and masterous quality instruction in a friendly environment. Our instructors are most experienced,  well qualified, and safely approaching. Whether you look for art itself, self-defense, fitness, or competition. We top it all. Experience The Difference!

  • Quality Training based on Well-Rounded Experience since 1977

  • Cross-trained in Judo, Hapkido, Jiu-Jitsu, Tai Chi, Gumdo, etc

  • Trained & Competed with Top Coaches and Fighters internationally 

  • Certified & Experienced Coach by AAU Taekwondo & USAT Taekwondo

  • Coaching at various area institutions like in Fresno State Univ. Taekwondo Program, Buchanan High Combative Program, Thackrey Taekwondo, Pacific Martial Arts, United Martial Arts, etc.

  • Certified Master & Licensed Testing Examiner by World Headquarter

  • Given Numerous Seminars in Olympic Sparring and Sport Poomsae

  • Trained  & Licensed School by World Headquarter, Kukkiwon

  • Certified Referee/Judge in Sparring and Poomsae by AAU & USAT

  • Referee Chairperson of Central Valley Area Tournaments since 2006

  • Certified SafeSport Training and Verified Background Check by USOC

  • COVID 19 Safe Instructor, CPR, AED, and First Aid Certified

  • Certified International Referee/Judge by World Taekwondo

  • Certified Combat Jiu-JItsu Instructor by International Gongkwon Yusul

  • Certified Hwarangdo Master by Hwarang Musool Society

What style do we train?

We offer styles of Striking and Grappling, from Stand-Up to Ground.

It is the training method for your body and mind. Test yourself, feel the changes, and dream your future.



We always recommend you to try our class first before you make any decision. Just show up 10 min. earlier with comfortable clothes and a bottle of water.

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6580 N. Blackstone Ave.

Fresno, CA 93710

Tel: 559-466-0088

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