What type of martial arts is best for you?

There are Korean styles, Japanese styles, Chinese style, etc. In other words, there are Hand Striking style, Kicking style, Joint Manipulation style, Takedown & Throwdown style, Ground Submission style, etc. Also, there are hard style and soft style. There are so many different styles out there. What fits you the best?  or Which style is the best? It is more important to find a proper instructor to work with. We guarantee you that we provide unique, high-quality instruction in a friendly environment. Our instructors are the most experienced and well qualified to work with you and your family from striking to grappling, stand-up to ground, and sport to self-defense.

  • Quality Training based on Well-Rounded Experience

  • Trained & Competed with top coaches and fighters internationally 

  • Trained  & Licensed by World Headquarter, Kukkiwon

  • Certified Referee/Judge by World Taekwondo & US Olympic Committee

  • Certified & Experienced Coach by USA Taekwondo & AAU Taekwondo

  • Certified SafeSport Training and Verified Background Check

  • Certified Combat Jiu-JItsu Instructor by International Gongkwon Yusul

  • Certified Hwarangdo Masters by Hwarang Musool Society



We always recommend you to try our class first before you make any decision. Just show up 10 min. earlier with comfortable clothes and a bottle of water.

What style do we train?

It is the training methods for your body and mind. Experiment yourself, test yourself out, and experience the changes.

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6580 N. Blackstone Ave.

Fresno, CA 93710


Tel: 559-466-0088

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