Master Lee, Shawn SaBeomNim
  • Attained Blackbelts in Taekwondo, Hapkido and Judo (1977-1988).

  • Cross-trained in Jiu-Jitsu, Tai Chi, Gumdo, Escrima, etc. (1991-Present)

  • Taught in Fresno State Univ. Taekwondo Program (1991-2006), Buchanan High School Combative Program (2003-2007), United Martial Arts (1998-1999), Christian School of Martial Arts (2005-2006), Thackrey Taekwondo (2000-2010), Pacific Martial Arts (2003-2007), etc.

  • Given Numerous Seminars Throughout California (2002-Present)

  • Certified Master & Licensed Testing Examiner by World Headquarters

Competition Expert
  • Trained with Top Coaches and Athletes in USA and Korea (1999-2009)

  • Competed in Olympic Sparring from Regional to International (1999-2008)

  • Certified Coach with SafeSport Education by AAU & USAT under USOC

  • Trained Youths and Juniors from Regional to National (1999-Present)

  • Coached & Produced State and National Medalists (2002-Present)

  • Referee/Judge of Hanmadang & Competed at Hanmadang (2006-Present)

  • Referee/Judge in Olympic Sparring and Sport Poomsae (1999-Present)

  • Referee Chairperson of Central Valley Area Tournaments (2006-2013)

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